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Our Subscriber API connects banks, fintechs and subscription businesses, transforming how subscriptions are managed.

Enable your customers to manage their subscriptions in their banking or fintech app, driving operational efficiencies, reducing cost to serve and optimizing user experience.

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One integration

Unlock all subscription management features for your customers

Instant, automated

Connect subscribers in milliseconds with bank-grade security and compliance

Rapid go-live

Effortlessly integrate and experiment with features to reduce the cost to serve

Grow revenue

Reduce operational costs

Drive engagement, retention & LTV

Help your customers manage their subscriptions seamlessly with subscription management embedded in banking and fintech apps.

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Test using the Console

Get API keys and Sandbox access through our developer console. 

Easy integration

We provide a full toolset to make your integration blazing fast. 

Secure and compliant

We comply with the latest security standards and protocols.

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Everything you need to help your customers manage their subscriptions using Minna Technologies APIs.

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